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Pool Motors

A swimming pool pump circulates water through the pool filtering system, mixing chemicals and sanitizing the water keeping it free from contaminants and debris like algae and bugs. It’s important that your pump be the right size for your pool so its cleaning system operates efficiently. It’s true we always think bigger is better, but a pool pump that is too big for your pool can cause serious problems like cloudy water and damaged filters. Oversized pumps also waste energy and money. Replacing an oversized pump with a high efficiency unit can pay for itself in energy savings and reduced power bills in just a few years. There are several factors in determining the size of the pool pump that’s right for your pool. Call us today and we’ll have one of our Certified Pool Technicians come out to determine the type of pool pump that’s right for you.

Pool Pumps

At Jackson Pool Service we offer the most efficient pool pump options in Lee and Collier County, as well as above ground and in ground circulation/filtration, speciality, utility, drainage, service and spa and bath pumps. We are sure to have the right pump for your pool and spa, water feature and pressure side automatic cleaner. All our choices have met rigorous tests for certification. Call today for an estimate.