Creating an Awesome Party Pool!

Jackson Custom Pools

One of the joys of having your own swimming pool is sharing it with family and friends!
Getting people to show up for a pool party is not hard, “if you build it, they will come”. Just about any pool is great for hosting parties, birthday celebrations, or just because it’s a cool Florida night! Some swimming pools, however, are better than others for entertaining friends. Why you may ask? Simply put, they are designed for it.  Whether you are looking to host the pool side “social event of the year” or simply create a nice space to spend time with the family, here are a few things to consider adding to your dream pool wish list!

Spacious Pool Deck: A pool area that can comfortably accommodate a group of people is an absolute must. Underestimating the size of pool deck you will need is a common mistake for pool owners, and that’s a regrettable one for those who enjoy being the “host with the most”. Be sure to inform your Jackson Custom Pools design team member that you enjoy the occasional bash with family and friends!

Outdoor Furniture: A comfy sofa and love seat is no longer just for the Living Room. Putting a little extra in the budget for a nice outdoor patio set not only creates an inviting area for friends to sit, but also adds an extension on your home for family to comfortably gather, chat, and relax.

Outdoor Organization: Party hosts often get pulled in every direction possible. Having a well-organized pool area with plenty of storage for toys, games, towels, and other pool essentials allows for guests to easily help themselves taking some of the pressure off of you. It also increases the likely hood of you being able to find something quickly! (“Mommmmmm…”)

Have all of that covered? Ready to take it to the next level in backyard entertainment? Well, there are plenty of other great pool-enhancing options that you can do!

Outdoor Entertainment System: Gone are the days of a cordless radio pool-side. In today’s market we have lanai mounted televisions and weatherproof speakers … the best part of all? It can all be run seamlessly by your smart phone.  Kicking tunes and the game on the big screen, ultimate pool party success!

Fire Pit: A dancing bonfire always draws a cozy crowd on a cool night; however there is something captivating about fire and water in the same setting that really impresses. Summer time s’mores with the kids, wine on the back deck with the girlfriends, or a quiet evening for two; an addition of a fire pit will not disappoint.

Outdoor Kitchen: It is no longer all about firing up the grill for a great BBQ, ask your Jackson Custom Pools design team about adding the outdoor kitchen to your new backyard oasis. A full-featured outdoor kitchen is a great way to add value to your home, impressing the flip-flops off your guests is just an added bonus!

Contact us today and speak with one of our professional Jackson Custom Pools design team members to get started on creating your dream pool today!

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