Leaking Pool?


Let’s face it; swimming pools are going to leak. Whether it is from environmental factors, equipment aging, a construction defect, plumbing, or a poorly executed remodel, most swimming pool owners will end up dealing with a leaking pool at some point.

A leaking pool can become costly if not repaired promptly.  You run the risk of burning out your swimming pool equipment, or can rack up the additional monthly water bill charges if you are adding water on a more frequent basis to maintain the needed levels.

Think you may have a leak? Here are some things you can do to see if your suspicions are correct:

  • Observe your pool equipment while it’s running, do you notice any water?
  • Do you notice any cracks in the deck that travel further down into the tile of your concrete pool?
  • Quick test: make a mark using a permanent marker at the waterline on the inside of your swimming pools skimmer basket. Checks the water level in 24 hours, if it is an inch below your marking from the day prior chances are high you have a leak.
  • Call Jackson Custom Pools, your certified leak detection specialist and have your pool tested.

If it is determined that there is in fact a water loss issue, pick up the phone and give Jackson Custom Pools a call to diagnose your issue and provide you with an estimate to repair at 239-674-0900.

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