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We’ll Fix Your Leak Using Minimally Invasive Repairs

Jackson Pool Services specializes in finding and isolating your leak within a few square feet of its location. We have leak repair crews that specialize in excavating, concrete removal and replacement, and underground plumbing repair. Once we complete your repair, you won’t even know we were there.

Our experience has shown that even a small leak can become a major problem if not addressed timely. Our best advice is to call us as soon as you notice any type of potential pool leak. The least costly solution is always to address it immediately.

Every pool, spa or fountain will probably leak at some point. These problems can be more than an inconvenience. A hole the size of a pencil tip that goes unrepaired can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost each day. In addition to the replacement cost of the water, leaks in your pool will increase chemical demands and may lead to more serious structural and mechanical problems. Fortunately, the Certified Pool Leak specialists at Jackson Pool Service will come out and check your pool and advise you of any leak location and show you effective leak repair solutions.

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