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Our Pool Leak Detection Equipment

At Jackson Pool Service, we use the latest technology and the most experienced pool industry professionals to determine if your pool, spa, or fountain is leaking. We use computerized equipment including Leakalyzer ™, electronic sonar headphones, pressure testing equipment including plugs, pressure rigs, and other proprietary technology.


The Leakalyzer lets us quickly detect if your pool, spa, or fountain is losing water. It measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling us to determine how many gallons per hour is being lost. The Leakalyzer is incredibly sensitive. For example: Losing less than a gallon of water from a 20’ x 40’ pool can be quickly detected. The Leakalyzer uses an on board computer modulator to determine the impact of changing water levels in your pool. These are calculated in water loss per hour, and per day, taking into account expected daily evaporation.

The most common leak in a pool is found in the plumbing. To determine this, we use a pressure rig, pressure plugs, water, and compressed air. To accomplish this we use adjustable pressure plugs as seen in the picture above. These plugs are matched to the specific size pipe fittings and valves of the pool.

XLT30H Electronic Listening Device

XLT30H Electronic Listening Device

Super Snorkel Tankless Dive Unit

Super Snorkel Tankless Dive Unit

Nemo Underwater Cordless Drill

Pressure Tester for Water and Air

Leakmaster Testers for Dye Test

LeakTrac 2400 with Wireless Technology