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Our Construction Process

We understand the construction process better than any other pool company in our area. We appreciate the time and effort it takes for our clients to move forward in the approval process of starting to build their new pool, spa, or fountain.


We take responsibility for the complete permitting and approval process for your project. With our many years of experience of permitting projects through Lee and Collier County, we have a complete understanding of the permitting process. The average permitting time is from 5-10 days. After your permit is approved, there are several inspections that your local city or county will perform to ensure we are following the Florida State building code, to build your pool, spa, or fountain properly.

Dig – Form – Steel

The first step in constructing your new pool is to paint an outline on the ground where the pool is going to be in the design you’ve chosen. We build the wooden forms for the excavation crew to follow as they remove the dirt.

Next, our steel crew arrives with the steel reinforcing bars (rebar), which will be used to form the skeleton of your pool.

Rough Plumbing

Your pool is now ready to be plumbed with high-grade, National Sanitation Foundation approved PVC pipe, fittings and equipment. These make up the circulation system to your spa jets, waterfalls, and/or any other special items that you’ve chosen to customize your pool.

All pipe connections are solidly and permanently bonded with PVC cement. Then, the entire plumbing system is pressure tested to 30psi to make sure there are no leaks.

Pool Shell

Now comes the process of “shooting the shell” to form the hard concrete shell of your pool. Shotcrete is a mixture of sand and cement that is applied by our experienced team of craftsmen. They will skillfully shoot the shotcrete around your pool’s steel reinforcement grid to form your pool.

Pool Tile

The next step in the construction process is to install the pool tile. This tile is hand laid and carefully grouted by our skilled experts.


It’s now time to form the framework for your deck. Soil will be spread around your pool as needed, and an appropriate base will be laid for the deck material you have chosen. The decking crew will then install the steel rebar grid for your deck.

Screen Enclosure

In this step, our decking crew will prepare for whichever type of deck you have chosen. The overall process normally takes several days.

Electrical & Gas

Using National Electric Code approved conduit, wire and bonding, our licensed professional electrical contractor carefully makes all of the electrical connections for your pool. The lights are installed, the pumps are wired, and electrical breakers are installed.

If your pool or spa package includes a heater, it will then be connected to your gas line or a propane tank.

Equipment Set

In this step, our decking crew will prepare for whichever type of deck you have chosen. The overall process normally takes several days.


Start Up